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Judge Lester Taylor and Relatives

Judge Lester Taylor, son of Childs Taylor and Rhoda Bates, was born 5 August 1798 in Hartland CT and died 23 April 1899 in Claridon OH.  He left Hartland at the age of twenty to join his older brother Horace in Claridon, later to be joined by his mother Rhoda Bates Taylor and his brother ( Childs Taylor Jr.) with wife and children.  The earlier family line is shown on  Lester cleared his land, built his cabin, and then went back to CT to marry Mary Wilder (born 7 August 1800 in Hartland CT, died 5 May 1870 in Claridon OH) on 2 May 1821 in Hartland CT.  More than a farmer, he taught school, was one of the organizers of the Claridon Congregational Church in 1827, organized a local anti-slavery society (he was a Whig), and served as a commissioner to appraise and sell the land reserved for financing schools.  He was elected to the Ohio General Assembly in 1832, served again in 1854-55, until he was elected to the Ohio Senate in 1856, where he served until 1860.  After being Justice of the Peace for some years, he was elected an Associate Judge for Geauga County in 1846, where he served until 1852.  In 1875, he helped organize the Geauga Co. Historical Society and was president of it.  He went through his 90's hale and hearty, and could drive a horse and buggy for 22 miles at age 99.

These lists of Judge Lester Taylor's relatives are only partial and emphasize lines believed to have living descendants.

Lester Taylor and Mary Wilder Taylor's children:

La Royal Taylor (b. V-27-1827 Cl, d. 1906 Kt?) 
Ann B. Cleveland (b. X 1836 OH, d. 1915 Kt) m. V-18-1854 Bu *
    Royal Cleveland Taylor (b. VI-24-1857 OH, d. aft 1920 Pl) son
    John Wilder Taylor (b. XII-18-1866 pl?, d. I-1-1897 Kt) son
Lester DeWitt Taylor (b. XII-1-1832 Cl. d. dpl?)
Carrie Brainard (b. dpl?, d. dpl?) m. dpl? *
    Wilder Brainard Taylor (b. IX-16-1869 pl?, d. dpl?) son
    Arthur Wallace Taylor (b. III-14-1872 pl?, d. dpl?) son
Lucy Wilder Taylor (b. VIII-19-1835 Cl, d. II-26-1917 Cl)
Clinton Goodwin (b. 1830 pl?, d. 1923 pl?) m. dpl?*
    Florence Goodwin (b. VIII-12-1860 Cl, d. IV-28-1939 FL)
    George A. Bartholomew (b. IV-20-1857 Cl, d. I-18-1928 pl?)*
        Virginia Bartholomew (b. VII-8-1913 pl?, d. 1997 --) 

Lester's brother, Horace Taylor (b. IV-7-1786 Hartland CT, d. V-26-1843 Cl) married Nancy Douglass (b. XII-1-1784 New Hartford CT, d. III-8-1858 Cl) on XI-26-1807, had children:

Horace Addison Taylor (b. III-24-1811 Hartland, d. II-2-1852 Erie PA) 
Hannah E. Coan (b. 1820 pl?, d. 1879 pl?) m. I-13-1841 Nh*
    Douglass S. Taylor (b. 1846 pl?, d. 1896 pl?) son
Corydon Lester Taylor (b. 1813 pl?, d. VI-18-1893 Cl) 
Sherman Douglass Taylor (b. V-14-1814 Cl, d. IV-6-1904 Cl) 

Lester's brother, Childs Taylor Jr. (b. IV-23-1782 Hartland CT, d. XI-1-1847 Cl) married Althea Beach (b. VIII-22-1782 Hartland CT, d. VIII-20-1866 Cl) on VIII-14-1810 in Hartland CT, had children:

Edmund Childs Taylor (b. I-1-1813 Hartland, d. V-8-1911 Leroy NY) 
Horace Sedgewick Taylor (b. X-31-1814 Hartland, d. II-3-1871 INDIA)
Warren Kingsbury Taylor (b. I-23-1818 Hartland, d. I-14-1893 Cl) 
Electa L. Kellogg (b. IX-19-1818 Cl, d. V-23-1875 Cl) m. IX-9-1845 Cl*
   Hubert Warren Taylor (b. II-27-1860 Cl, d. XI-19-1945 Cl) son
   Marilla Douglass (b. X-2-1867 Cl, d. I-21-1900 Bo) m. XII-15-1886 Cl*
        Warren Douglass Taylor (b. VII-30-1894 Cl, d. dpl?) son
Elijah Wolcott Taylor (b. VIII-15-1819 Hartland, d. V-25-1891 Cl)
Olive E. Clark (b. 1827 Cl, d. IV-6-1856 Cl) m. IX-7-1848 Huntsburg OH*
     Edmund Childs Taylor (b. IX-2-1852 Cl, d. III-27-1919 Fn) son
     Charles Russell Taylor (b. I-17-1854 Cl, d. I-9-1907 Fn) son
Elisha Washburn Taylor (b. VIII-15-1819 Hartland, d. III-25-1873 Pv)

Key:dpl?=date and place unknown
        d?=date unknown
        pl?=place unknown
        *=wife or husband of person next line above
        Cl=Claridon OH
        Bo=Boulder CO
        Pv=Painesville OH
       Nh=New Haven CT
       Fn=Findlay OH
       Kt=Kirtland (Waite Hill) OH
       Bu=Burton OH
       Pl=Placentia CA

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